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Virginia Horse Shows Association, Inc.
2019 Yearbook


High Score Photos

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 2018 Champions and Reserve Champions!  The 2019 Yearbook is the perfect place to showcase your well deserved achievement and high level of skill that goes into becoming a Champion or Reserve Champion in such a demanding sport and against the competition you faced in the fine shows that were a part of the VHSA circuit this year.

The 2019 VHSA YEARBOOK WILL INCLUDE A LISTING OF THE NAMES OF ALL High Score winners. To mark the achievements of the Champions and Reserve Champions in each division in a manner that will be the centerpiece of the 2019 VHSA YEARBOOK, photo space will once again be offered at $100 each. As a top division winner, we hope you will not let this opportunity pass by to have a photo of your Champion included.

Please complete the High Score Photo Contract:     2019 HIGH SCORE PHOTO CONTRACT

Mail or e-mail the completed Contract and either send a photo (no larger than 8x10) or e-mail photo to the VHSA office by January 4, 2019 to be included in the Yearbook.  Please include the Proffesional Photographer's Release Form.  We will not accept any professional photo without this release form.

Photos and Form must be received in the VHSA office no later than January 2, 2019.  


Special Appreciation Advertisements

Each year the VHSA Yearbook has a Special Section where everyone can have the opportunity to “THANK OR ACKNOWLEDGE” some special person (i.e., trainer, parents, children, barn, horse show/personnel, or your horse/pony) who has helped, encouraged, supported, and/or left a positive impression on you this past year. We have a “special” section set aside in our 2019 Yearbook for these Special Appreciation Ads.  In order to reserve your Special Appreciation Ad, please complete the Special Appreciation Advertisement Contract:  Appreciation Ad Contract

Please complete the Contract and return to the VHSA office (32 Asbhy Street, Suite 204, Warrenton, VA 20186) no later than January 4, 2018.


The Chronicle of the Horse

Special March Issue for Champions!!

If you would like a 2018 Championship Photo submitted to the Chronicle of the Horse for the annual March Special Edition, please forward a separate photograph to the VHSA office by January 2, 2019. This is the absolute deadline - no exceptions, do not confuse this deadline for VHSA Yearbook deadline. If you are planning on having your photo be included in the VHSA Yearbook and The Chronicle of the Horse, you must submit two (2) photos. The Chronicle requires the following information and if not provided will not publish your photo. Please follow the requirements below:

? On the back of your photo the following information must be printed:
- Name of Association (Virginia Horse Shows Association)
- Name of Horse
- Rider in Photo
- Owner of horse
- Photographer’s Name (even if not a professional)
- all Association division championships only (not any reserve champions)

? You may not send your photos directly to The Chronicle with the exception of the winners of the USHJA Zone or USEF National awards. Winners of the USHJA Zone or USEF National Awards should now submit their photos directly to The Chronicle. All other winners photos must go through a recognized Association (i.e., VHSA, MHSA, etc.) The Chronicle will only allow your horse to appear only once in this issue. For example if your horse is a Champion for more than one Association (VHSA, MHSA, etc.) the horse will only appear once under whichever Association sends in the photo. If multiple Associations send in a photo of your Champion then The Chronicle will choose which Association your photo will appear under.

? Photos must be 2018 action photos and no larger than 8" x 10" and no smaller than 3-1/2" x 5".

? Original color prints only or digital photos on flash drives or CDs.

? The Photographer’s Authorization for publication, if necessary, must be included with the photograph.

? Photos must be of high quality and must be printed on quality photo paper. Personal photos printed on your home printer are not high enough quality and should be professionally printed at high resolution.

? If your photo has a sticker on it, put there by the professional photographer who took the photo, that says it must be of a certain size before it can be published, then it must be of that size or be accompanied by a release from the photographer for that specific photo. A blanket release from the photographer does not include these photos.

? Photos that are unauthorized copies of a professional’s photo will be rejected. They will not accept a professional’s photo that you have scanned and re-printed. A release from the photographer does not include these photos. If there is any question regarding the authenticity of a photo, they will not accept it.

? There is no fee associated with this publication

? The absolute deadline for photos to be in the VHSA office is January 2, 2019 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

? The Chronicle will return all photos to the VHSA after the publication is complete, then the VHSA will return photos to the address printed on the back of the photo.