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Sponsorship Opportunities


The VHSA is pleased to offer division sponsorship for our various divisions to our members.   Each division sponsorship is $100 per division and the sponsorship will be featured on our website, all mass e-mails to membership, in the Convention Booklet as well as the VHSA Yearbook which is available online and viewed by all of our members.   The following is a list of all divisions and will indicate if a division is currently being sponsored or not.

Click here to view sponsorship opportunities (pdf)

 If interested in being a sponsor, please contact the VHSA office either through e-mail, vhsa@verizon.net, or call our office at (540) 349-0910.

We greatly appreciate all our sponsors support of the Virginia Horse Shows Association:

~ Regular Program Divisions ~

Morgan Horse
ASB Three Gaited
ASB Country Pleasure
Foal Pony Breeding
Yearling Pony Breeding ~ Sponsored by Hunter's Haven - Oliver & Joan Brown 
Two Year Old Pony Breeding
Three Year Old Pony Breeding
Pony Broodmare
Overall Grand Pony Breeding Champion ~Sponsored by Hunter's Haven - Oliver & Joan Brown
Yearling Hunter Breeding ~ Sponsored by Sue & Chuck Grossmann
Two Year Old Htr Breeding
Three Year Old Htr Breeding
Overall Grand Hunter Breeding Champion~ Sponsored by Sue & Chuck Grossmann 
Low Junior /Amateur Owner Jumpers
Medium Junior/Amateur Owner Jumpers ~ Sponsored by Sanmar Farm - Sandra Ruiz
High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumpers ~ Sponsored by Sanmar Farm - Sandra Ruiz
Jumper ~ Sponsored by Daisyfield, Inc.
Children’s Jumper
Adult Jumper
Young Jumper
Green Working Htr - 3'6"
Green Working Htr - 3'9"
High Performance Working Hunter~ Sponsored by Belcort Farm, Walter J. Lee
HP Performance Conformation (3'9") ~ Sponsored by Stephen S. Bickers 
Green Conformation Hunter ~ Sponsored by Stephen S. Bickers
High Performance Working
Performance Working - 3'3"
Performance Working - 3'6"
Green Hunter - 3'0"  ~ Sponsored by Jane Gaston
Green Hunter - 3'3" ~ Sponsored by Jane Gaston
Grand Green Hunter (3'0" & 3'3")
Thoroughbred Hunter
Small Hunter ~ Sponsored by Trimble's Ridge - Molly Moore
Ladies Sidesaddle
Low-Children’s Hunter
Low-Adult Hunter
Adult Amateur Hunter - 18 - 35
Adult Amateur Hunter - 36 - 49
Adult Amateur Hunter - 50 and Over ~ Sponsored by EMO Stables, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Oare
Amateur Owner Hunter - 18 - 35
Amateur Owner Hunter - 36 and Over
Amateur Owner Hunter 3'3" - Youngers ~ Sponsored by E. Sue & Charlie Bopp
Amateur Owner Hunter 3'3" - Olders ~ Sponsored by Walnut Knoll - Ada & Edward Cosby
3'6" Small Junior Hunter - Younger
3'6" Small Junior Hunter - Older
3'6" Large Jr. Hunter - Younger ~ Sponsored by Hollins University
3'6" Large Jr Hunter - Older
3'3" Small Junior Hunter - Younger
3'3" Small Junior Hunter - Older
3'3" Large Jr. Hunter - Younger ~ Sponsored by Hampden Row - Jan Simpson
3'3" Large Jr Hunter - Older 
Children’s Hunter - U
Children’s Hunter - O
Children’s Small Pony Htr
Children’s Medium Pony Htr
Children’s Large Pony Htr
Small Green Pony Htr
Medium Green Pony Htr
Large Green Pony Htr
Small Pony Hunter
Medium Pony Hunter
Large Pony Hunter


~Associate Program Divisions~

Associate Pony Eq
Associate Children’s Eq
Associate Adult Amateur Eq
Associate Equitation on the Flat - Adult Amateur
Associate Equitation on the Flat - 14 & U ~ Sponsored by Lawrence & Michelle McCabe
Associate Equitation on the Flat - 15~17
Associate Low Jumper
Associate Novice Jumper
Associate Schooling Jumper ~ Sponsored by the Central Virginia Show Jumping Association
Associate Novice Ch/Adult Jumper ~ Sponsored by the Central Virginia Show Jumping Association
Associate Ch/Adult Amateur Jumper
Associate Modified Jumper
Associate Thoroughbred Jumper
Assoc Grand Champion Jumper Rider
Associate Green Hunter
Associate Working Hunter ~ Sponsored by Hunter's Haven - Oliver & Joan Brown
Associate Hunter Pleasure Pony
Associate Adult Hunter Pleasure Horse ~ Sponsored by Trimble's Ridge - Molly Moore
Associate Junior Hunter Pleasure Horse
Associate Hunter Short Stirrup
Associate Adult Amateur Hunter
Associate Junior/Children’s Hunter  
Associate Thoroughbred Hunter ~ Sponsored by Kathy King in Memory of Dan Hall
Associate Green Pony Hunter
Associate Sm/Med Pony Hunter
Associate Large Pony Hunter