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Blue Ridge Trailer Sales
The 2022 VHSA is pleased to announce that Blue Ridge Trailer Sales is the "Official Trailer Dealer of the VHSA".  We are very excitded to have Blue Ridge Trailer Sales as one of our Official Sponsors and look forward to many years of working together!


2022 Sallie B. Wheeler Hunter Breeding National Championship

The Virginia Horse Shows Association is pleased to announce that we will be offering Prize Money in the amount of $1,000 to the Owner of the Virginia Bred Horse who acquires the most points in the Breeding Classes at the 2022 Sallie B. Wheeler Hunter Breeding National Championship (Classes 801-807).  In order to be eligible for the Prize Money, the horse must be registered with the VHSA, the owner a current VHSA Member.  They will also need to complete and submit the USHJA Hunter Breeding Horse Bio and the Breed Registry Award Forms to Melanie Mader of the USHJA, 3870 Cigar Lane, Lexington, KY 40511, no later than August 8, 2022.


These forms can be downloaded by visiting:

Deadline - August 8, 2022


The 2022 VHSA Yearbook is now available online.  Click on "EVENTS" above, then "Yearbook".

If anyone is interested in purchasing a hard copy of the 2022 VHSA Yearbook, please contact us at vhsa@verizon.net

Congratulations to the following 2021 Special Award Winners:

Horseperson of the Year ~ Betty R. Oare

Amateur Sportsmanship of the Year ~ Barbara Chappell

Junior Exhibitor of the Year ~ Isabella Bertozzi

Horse Show of the Year ~ Upperville Colt & Horse Show

L.M. Sandy Gerald Scholarship Winner ~ Maysen Veitz

The Mary Drury Award Winner ~ "Cloud Nine", owned and ridden by Caroline Gilmer

The Double R Partners, In Memory of Amy Reistrup Award ~ Paul Mathews

The Andrew Montgomery Award ~ Walter J. Lee

Congratulations to all of these winners!


Congratulations to the 2021 Year-End Award Winners!

The 2021 Year-End Awards Booklet


Once again, the Virginia Horse Shows Association's Yearbook will be available online with a very limited amount of Yearbooks printed for purchase.  Please notify the VHSA office via e-mail (vhsa@verizon.net) if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the 2022 Yearbook (available March/April).

Attention 2021 Champions and Reserve Champions:

The Yearbook will feature ALL Champions and Reserve Championship photos at no cost to our members. The deadline to submit your 2021 Photo is January 10, 2021. Your photo can be submitted to our office at 400 Rosedale Court, Suite 100, Warrenton, VA 20186. A photo, a CD or USB?Flash Drive is acceptable. If you have a high resolution photo, it can be e-mailed to the VHSA office (vhsa@verizon.net). Any blurry photos will be rejected. Please complete the Form below and include the Photographer's Release Form with photo. The Release Form can be an e-mail from photographer, written permission or please feel free to use form below. 

Photo Contract 

Photographer's Release Form



We will be offering Advertising space in the 2022 VHSA Yearbook at a reduced cost. The cost for a Full Page Ad is $100 and $50 for a Half Page Ad. If you would like to advertise your company, Stable or would like to Congratulate someone, please submit your camera ready ad to the VHSA office no later than January 10, 2022. If you would like an ad created for you at no additional charge, please contact the VHSA Office either by e-mail (vhsa@verizon.net) or by phone (540) 349-0910. Please complete the Advertising Contract below: 

Advertising Contract

 Please remember that the deadline for the 2022 VHSA Yearbook is January 10, 2022.   Please contact our office with any questions.  

We will send out a mass e-mail when the 2022 Yearbook is available online (March 2022)


(The 2021 VHSA Yearbook is still available online.  Please click on "Events" above, then "Yearbook") 


The following individuals are unable to accrue VHSA points, ineligible to compete at the VHSA Associate Summer Show, VHSA Associate Championship Horse Show and unable to attend the VHSA Convention:

Fae  Cordova (Savannah Cordova) - NSF Check
Olivia Fuller - NSF Check
Samantha Lamb (Allison Scott) - NSF Check
Paul Logan, Pachanga Farms - NSF Check & Rule Violation
Susie Mansell (Show Place Farm, LLC) - NSF Check
Veronica Lorraine Martin (Kelly Davenport) - NSF Check
Andrew Kenneth Milne (Anna Milne) - NSF Check
Margaret Elizabeth Morris - NSF Check
Shannon Simmons - Outstanding Debt
Amanda Smith - NSF Check
Isabella Waller - Outstanding Debt
Jesica Warthen (Alexis Warthen) - NSF Check

2022 VHSA Membership Renewals
All memberships, horse recordings and voting will now only be done online. Please click on PAY DUES in order to renew your membership or record a horse and/or changes to a horse.    The Order is Complete when you see "TRANSACTION COMPLETE" at the top of your screen.  The Membership Cards and Horse Recording Certificates will still be mailed after the application is submitted to the VHSA office.

Designer Face Masks

The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that our dear friend, Frederique Poulain (Designes by Frederique), who has provided the beautiful hand painted pieces that are awarded at the Associate Championship Horse Show each year has added to her list of many talents, the art of making Face Masks. These gorgeous Face Masks are available to our members for a 10% discount on your entire order by entering the promo code of VHSA at checkout. Frederique is generously donating $1.50 to the VHSA for every mask that is purchased.

Please visit her website: www.iwantthatmask.com  -   Enter Promo Code: VHSA


VHSA Division Sponsorship

The 2021 Division Sponsorship Opportunities are available.  Sponsorships cost $100 per Division and the Sponsors are listed on our website, in our VHSA Convention Booklet and the VHSA 2021 Yearbook.  

Click HERE for the complete list of Divisions that are available for sponsorship!

Equine Nutrition Basics    by Kayla Wolfe

At the Lexington Spring Welcome Horse Show at the Virginia Horse Center, the VHSA’s Special Events Committee presented a lecture led by Emory and Henry’s Jessica Denniston on Equine Nutrition Basics. Highlights of the lesson included the functions of the foregut and hindgut, essential nutrients, and how to choose a diet for a specific horse. The equine has one stomach that is composed of a foregut and hindgut. The foregut of the horse digests fats, proteins, and sugars through enzymes while the hindgut breaks down fiber. Horses need certain nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fat to fulfill their diet. Water, being the most vital nutrient for the horse, is used for transportation of nutrients and between eight to twelve gallons of it is consumed each day. When deciding on a diet for a horse, the age, workload, weight, and ability to consume grass should be evaluated. A horse that is doing a lot of exercise may need higher quantities of a certain nutrient to maintain a good balance. The weight, or body condition score should be considered when deciding both the type and quantity of food given to the horse. Access to hay or grass is necessary and must be recognized while choosing a diet for a horse. Roughage should be the primary source of food for the equine, followed by grain to assure that all the nutrients are given. Jessica Denniston explained and showed us the affects of a bad diet on a horse. 

For further information, please see the Equine Nutrition Basics Handbook which can be downloaded 


Wreaths Across America

Wreaths across America is a non-profit organization that lays wreaths at the many grave sites across America for our fallen soldiers. The VHSA is pleased to once again sponsor 50 wreaths to be laid at Arlington National Cemetery this month in honor of our soldiers who have given their all for all of us.   If you would like to sponsor as well, please visit their website at www.wreathsacrossamerica.com

  2022 VHSA Board of Directors 


Mr. Walter J. Lee, President (Zone 4 Rep) Mrs. Wendy Mathews Treasurer (At Large) 
Mr. Oliver Brown, Vice President (Hunter Breeding Rep) Ms. Nancy Peterson, Secretary (Owner Rep)

Ms. Dede Bache-Shumate (At Large) Ms. Molly Trimble Moore (Zone 3 Rep)
Ms. Tara Best (Zone 7 Rep) Mrs. Betty R. Oare (Hunter Rep)
Mrs. Claiborne Bishop (Equitation Rep) Mr. Ernest M. Oare (At Large)
Mrs. E. Sue Bopp (At Large) Mr. Clyde Poarch (Associate Rep)
Mrs. Ada Cosby (At Large) Mrs. Carol Reedy (Saddlebred Rep)
Ms. Diana Dodge (At Large) Mr. Gordon Reistrup (At Large)
Ms. Jane Gaston (Zone 1) Ms. Meg Rhodes (At Large)
Ms. Jenny Graham (At Large) Ms. Sandra Ruiz (Jumper Rep)
Mrs. Sue T. Grossmann (At Large) Mrs. Sulu Rose Reed (Zone 5 Rep)
Dr. Stewart Kohler  (Pony Breeding Rep) Ms. Elise Roschen (Zone 6 Rep
Mrs. Louisa Lenehan (Zone 2 Rep) Ms. Peg Seals (At Large)
Mr. Paul Mathews (Licensed Officials Rep) Ms. Jan Simpson (Trainer Rep)
Ms. Meredith McLaughlin (At Large)  Mr. Chris Wynne (At Large)



 VHSA Handbook For Horse Showing

The VHSA Junior Members Committee created a wonderful guide for horse showing.  This is a wonderful reference guide for all horsemen, regardless of age.  The Handbook can be downloaded by following this link:   VHSA HANDBOOK FOR HORSE SHOWING

The Official Awards Sponsor of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that the Virginia Horse Industry Board  is the Official Awards Sponsor of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.vhib.org

The Official Trailer Dealer of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Blue Ridge Trailer Sales is the Official Trailer Sales of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.BLUERIDGETRAILER.com 


The Official Custom Boot Maker of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that LM Boots is the Official Custom Boot Maker of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.lmboots.com

 The Official Manufacturer of Custom Horse Jumps of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Platinum Jumps is the Official Manufacturer of Custom Horse Jumps of the VHSA.  Please visit their website at www.platinumjumps.com   Michael Morris - 434-996-8004 

The Official Sadler of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Antares Sellier France is the Official Provider of Animal Health Products and Supplies of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.antares-sellier.com  

The Official Equine Custom Tailoring Company of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that The Clothes Horse is the Offical Equine Custom Tailoring Company of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.theclotheshorse.com    2200 Wallace Blvd., Ste A, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077  856-829-8460

The Official Equine Transportation Company of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that MJR Horse Transportation of Keswick, Virginia, is the Official Equine Transportation Company of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.mjrhorsetransportation.com

The Official International Horse Transportation Company of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that EquiJet is the Official International Horse Transportation Company of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at EquiJet

The 2021 VHSA Memberships expired November 30, 2021.   The Membership Dues are:  Senior Membership Dues are $60, Junior Membership Dues are $50, Farm Membership Dues are $60 and the Lifetime Membership Dues are $400 for Individual and for Farm. Lifetime Horse Recording fees are $60.  HORSE RECORDINGS ARE LIFETIME.  Points cannot begin to accrue until membership becomes active and any horses that were not previously recorded must be recorded.  Renew your membership online!  Click on "Pay Dues" on the Home Page Navigation Bar.  Membership becomes active the same day.   

Teresa Ramsay Photography
Teresa Ramsay now has a website where exhibitors can view photos as well as order photos directly from her.  The website isteresaramsayphotography.com    

Ralph E. Main, Jr. - Legal Counsel of the VHSA
Mr. Ralph E. Main, Jr. of Dygert, Wright, Hobbs & Heilberg, PLC of Charlottesville, Virginia, is the official legal counsel for the Virginia Horse Shows Association.