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Associate Program Details


2018 VHSA Associate Jumper Double Points Horse Shows

The VHSA Associate Summer Horse Show will be held June 30th ~ July 2nd at the Deep Run Horse Show Grounds in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia. This show will strictly be a Hunter Show with no jumper divisions offered. The VHSA Associate Summer Show will also be recognized by the Battlefield Horse Show Association, Capital Horse Show Association, DC Area Horse Show Series, Greater Richmond Horse Shows Association, Hampden Roads Horse Show Series, Middle Peninsula Horse Show Association, Southwest Virginia Hunter/Jumper Association and the Virginia Beach Horse Shows Association.

For the Associate Jumper Divisions the VHSA will recognize four regional horse shows in Virginia which will offer double points strictly for the Associate Jumper Divisions. A horse can only be awarded double points at just one of the following shows:

                                       7/22/18         Central Virginia Show Jumper Association Show in Manakin-Sabot, VA
                                      7/10-11/18    House Mountain Horse Show in Lexington, Virginia
                                      8/5/18            BHSA Benefit Horse Show in Spotsylvania, Virginia
                                     10/14/18         Sandstone Farm Horse Show in Millwood, Virginia

In order to have one of these horse shows count as an individual horse's double point jumper point show the owner/rider must complete the form that will be available at each of these horse shows designating that specific horse show as their one double point show. This form must be completed at the show and must accompany the horse show results that the Show Secretary will send to the VHSA office. If the VHSA office does not receive a form for your horse, then no double points will be awarded. There will be no exceptions - It is the owner/rider's responsibility to make sure to complete the form at one of the four horse shows of their choice.



The 25th Anniversary Associate Championship Horse Show Poster is still available for purchase at $20 each (postage included).  Anyone interested in purchasing a poster, please contact the VHSA office (vhsa@verizon.net).  Supplies are limited.



2017 VHSA Associate Championship Horse Show
Thank you to all of the exhibitors at the 2017 Associate Championship Horse Show.  This was the 25th Anniversary of this show and it was a great success!  Congratulations to all of the winners and especiall to those who were the Special Award Winners at the show:

Best Child Rider on a Horse:   Amy Lewis of Fairfax Station, VA

Best Amateur Rider:   Shannon Keany of Alexandria, VA

Forrest Linton Sportsmanship:   Liam deStanley of Leesburg, VA

Best Child Rider on a Pony:   Abigail Best of Toano, VA

The JT Tallon Memorial Trophy:   Jill Wilson of Louisa, VA

The Barbara Meegan Young Rider Award:   Jessie Gulden of Toano, VA

Grand Champion Pony:   In MY Pocket, owned and ridden by Abigail Best of Toano, VA

Grand Champion Green Pony:   Timber Dream Willy Be Mine, owned and ridden by Sydney Callagy of Norfolk, VA

Capital Challenge Team:   Virginia Beach Horse Show Association

Grand Champion Pleasure Pony:   Dreamacres Blue Moon Edition, owned and ridden by Hailee Roberts

The Photographer of the Show was Teresa Ramsay of Teresa Ramsay Photography (540) 338-3377, www.teresaramsay.com

The Videographer was Horseshoe Bend Media Group.  (434)384-0780, www.horseshoebendmediagroup.com

The following links are from Horseshoe Bend Media Group:

Thursday in East Complex:  https://horseshoebendmedia.smugmug.com/VHSA1117/

Friday in East Complex:  https://horseshoebendmedia.smugmug.com/VHSF1117/

Saturday in East Complex: https://horseshoebendmedia.smugmug.com/VHSS1117/

Sunday in East Complex:https://horseshoebendmedia.smugmug.com/VHSU1117/

The links are also available on their website (listed above) and on the Horseshoe Bend Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/horseshoebendmediagroup/



2017 VHSA Associate Rules/Guidelines
The 2017 VHSA Associate Rules/Guidelines can be downloaded by clicking the above title 


The VHSA Associate Top Ten Best Horse Shows
Congratulations to the following horse shows that are the winners of the 2017 best Associate Horse Shows for the 2017 show season as nominated by the exhibitors, owners and trainers. This award was presented on Sunday, December 3, 2017, at The Homestead during the Awards Luncheon.  The top ten best Associate Horse Shows and the Competition Managers of those shows are (in alphabetical order):


CVSJA Horse Show

Coventry Farm

Deep Run Horse Show

Elmington Farm Horse Show

Farmington Hunt Club Fall Show

Hazelwild Horse Show

Pam Herman Farm Horse Show

House Mountain Horse Show

VBHSA Cooler Horse Show

VPBA Benefit Show

Show Manager

Nanci Harmon

Cindy Carson Downing

Joy Robinson

Kathie Hamlin

Stephen Bickers

Teresa Seay

Pam Herman

Molly Trimble Moore

Kasey Evans

Georgine Winslett

Date of Show

October 8, 2017

August 5, 2017

September 9, 2017

August 26, 2017

June 3, 2017

June 25, 2017

June 10, 2017

July 11-12, 2017

August 5-6, 2017

April 22, 2017

VHSA Associate Point Structure for 2017

Hunter and Hunter Pleasure Divisions

The point structure for 2017 will consist of Base Points, plus Bonus Points, to equal Final Points. (Same point system as 2016)

Base Points are 1st through 6th as follows: 10 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1 - .5

Bonus Points will be determined by the number of horses or ponies shown successfully (completed the course) in the first performance class of all Hunter Divisions and the number of horses or ponies shown in the first class of the Hunter Pleasure Divisions. This number of exhibitors in the first class sets the bonus points for the remainder of the classes in the division.  If the first division only had two to complete the course, the first class would not receive any points since they did not have the minimum of three exhibitors who completed the course.  However, this number of exhibitors determines what the bonus points will be for the next two classes if they have three minimum exhibitors completing the course.

We still require three (3) entries to fill a class, but will award a Champion and Reserve if there are a minimum of three (3)entries in any two (2) of the three (3) classes offered.

Bonus Points can be no more than ten (10).

Champion shall receive an additional ten (10) points and Reserve six (6) points.

Equitation Over Fences, Equitation on the Flat and Jumper Classes

Bonus Points will be decided by the number of participants in each particular class and scored as in the preceding example.

The Associate Championship Horse Show will award double base points and additional 10 and 6 points for Championship and Reserve. Year end points will only include the exhibitor’s top ten best horse shows, plus any points accrued at the Championship Show will be added to the exhibitor’s top ten for the final year end total. With the exception of the VHSA Associate Equitation Classes which will be total points for year-end.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Associate Horse Shows (Base Points)
plus Bonus points which is the number of exhibitors in first class of Div.
(See Above)
10 6 4 2 1 .5
Associate Championship Show 20 12 8 4 2 1
Associate Championship - 10       Associate Reserve Championship - 6

Year end points will only include the exhibitor’s top ten best horse shows, plus any points accrued at the Championship Show will be added to the exhibitor’s top ten for the final year end total. With the exception of the VHSA Associate Equitation Classes which will be total points for year-end.

For a detailed example, please click on the following link:  2017 Point System

The Barbara Meegan Young Rider Award 
In recognition of Barbara's support of the Associate Program and her many years of being involved with young riders the Barbara Meegan Young Rider Award was established and will be awarded each year to a deserving person in her honor.  The following is the criteria for this prestigious award:

1.   The rider must be in their first year of competition in the VHSA Associate Program and have competed in Hunter or Equitation Divisions.

2.   The rider must have exhibited primarily in the Associate Program, but may have competed in divisions at USEF rated shows, with the exclusion of Regular Hunter,
       Working Hunter, Junior Hunters, Amateur Owner and Confirmation Hunter Classes.  (Limited showing to divisions such as:  Short Stirrup, Maiden Equitation, Local
       Classes- mostly Unrated Divisions)

3.   Riders are to be nominated by their trainers.

4.   The recipient will be selected at the year-end VHSA Associate Championship Show.

5.   Points of consideration will be as follows:
      a)  Points accumulated in the VHSA Associate Program
      b)  Performance at the Year End Show
      c)  Conduct and sportsmanship at the Associate Championship Show

6.   The recipient will receive a ribbon at the show and the trophy at the VHSA Banquet.