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VHSA Medals





The 2021 VHSA/EMO Children's Medal, Junior Championship on the Flat, Hunter Seat Medal, Amateur Equitation on the Flat and the Adult Amateur Medal Finals will be held held at the Lexington National Horse show the weekend of August 13th. In order to be qualified for the VHSA/EMO Medal Final, an exhibitor who is a VHSA member must have either two Blues or a minimum number of points in their respective Medal/Flat Class:

Children's Medal - A minimum of 90 Points
Championship on the Flat - A minimum of 65 Points
Hunter Seat Medal - A minimum of 21 Points
Adult Amateur on the Flat - A minimum of 4 Points
Adult Medal - A minimum of 3 Points

Exhibitors can qualify up to and including the Medal Classes that will be offered at the Lexington National Show prior to the Finals. An exhibitor who is qualified for more than one Medal Final, is only allowed to participate in one Medal Final, this does not include the Amateur on the Flat or the Championship on the Flat.

The points system for the Medal Qualifying Classes is 1st-10 points, 2nd-6 points, 3rd-4 points, 4th-2 points, 5th-1 point, 6th-.5 point and these points are multiplied by the number of exhibitors in the class (i.e. 1st place with 10 exhibitors = 100 points).

If you are qualified for any of the VHSA/EMO Finals, please submit an Entry Form and a Profile Sheet to the VHSA office by mail (400 Rosedale Court, Suite 100, Warrenton, VA 20186) or scan the documents and e-mail to our office (vhsa@verizon.net). The entry fee of $100 for each class can either accompany the Entry Form or you can pay online by clicking on PAY DUES on this website under Pay Dues and completing the payment for the Medal Finals. You know that the payment is complete when you see "TRANSACTION COMPLETE" at the top of the screen. Even if you pay online, an Entry Form and Profile Sheet MUST be submitted to the VHSA office via e-mail (vhsa@verizon.net).

Please be aware that we still need to have the Entry Form as well as the Profile Sheet in order for an exhibitor number to be assigned to the rider. Please pick up the Exhibitor Number from the VHSA Representatives in the Horse Show Office. The Forms that are required are below:

Entry Form

Profile Sheet

The VHSA Representatives will be set up in the Horse Show Office beginning on Thursday, August 12th after 2:00 p.m. Please make sure to pick up your Medal exhibitor number (RED) prior to the Finals being held. These numbers are different than the horse show exhibitor numbers. Anyone without a RED exhibitor number will not be allowed to compete in any of the Medal & Flat Finals.

Medal Finals Time Schedule

Friday, August 13th
8:00 a.m. Children's Medal Final

Saturday, August 14th
6:00 p.m. Championship on the Flat Finals
7:00 p.m. Hunter Seat Medal Finals
----------- Horsemanship Finals Awards

Sunday, August 15th
7:45 a.m. Adult Amateur on the Flat Finals
............... Adult Amateur Medal Finals

(This schedule has been determined by Show Management)

The Junior Horsemanship Competition

This three phase event consists of a Written Test which counts as 20% of the overall score, the Practicum Examination which will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Hollins University Stalls, directly across from the Horse Show Office. Ms. Elise Roschen, Assistant Director of Riding at Hollins University, will be conducting the Practicum phase which will count as 30% of the overall score and the final phase will be the first round of the VHSA Hunter Seat Medal which will count as 50% of the overall score.

The Written Test will be held on Thursday evening, August 12th in the Hospitality Room. The time will be announced. The Written Test is also open to those who have qualified for the Children's Medal as practice only. At this time, the Hunter Seat Medal qualifiers can sign up for the Practicum which will be held over two days. Exhibitors should know their schedule in order to sign up for which day and what time works best for them for the Practicum.

The Walter J. Lee Perpetual Trophy will be presented to the VHSA Junior Horsemanship Champion on Saturday, August 14th, immediately following the conclusion of the VHSA/EMO Hunter Seat Medal Finals.



The 2021 VHSA/EMO Pony Medal, Pony Equitation on the Flat and the Children's Pony Medal Finals were held held at the Warrenton Pony Show on Friday, July 2, 2021. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Pony Equitation on the Flat
1st  -  Grace DuPree
2nd -  Jenna Walker
3rd  -  Scarlett Mortenson
4th  -  Margaret Brown
5th  -  Tessa Brandon
6th  -  Byrdie Paisley

Children's Pony Medals
1st  -  Margaret Brown
2nd -  Scarlett Mortenson
3rd  -  Lacie Conner
4th  -  Peyton Davis
5th  -  Madeline Harp
6th  -  Byrdie Paisley

Pony Medal Finals
1st  -  Caroline Gilmer
2nd -  Tessa Brandon
3rd  -  Jenna Walker
4th  -  Grace DuPree
5th  -  Mary Young
6th  -  Maria Graham

We would like to thank every exhibitor for their participation and their support.  We would also like to thank the Warrenton Pony Show for hosting this wonderful event and a big thank you to the Junior Committee for all of their help and the great job they did on the presentations!

A special thank you to the EMO Agency for the continued sponsorship of the VHSA/EMO Medal qualifying classes as well as the Medal Finals.